Verbatim: A Novel — Jeff Bursey

The present state of politics across the globe is unsettled and unsettling; now is no better time to re-issue Jeff Bursey’s terrific Verbatim: A Novel. In this Hansard-styled parody, Bursey portrays political paralysis and bitter backstabbing. An imaginary transcription of parliamentary proceedings demonstrates the pettiness and nastiness of elected officials and bureaucrats alike. Verbatim: A Novel is simultaneously top-flight satire and emotionally affecting, deploying an experimental form propelling the story forward and keeping the reader engaged. Verbatim: A Novel is an outstanding and timely read.
— Larry Fondation, author of the novel Fish, Soap and Bonds and the short story collections Angry Nights, Common Criminals, Unintended Consequences, and Martyrs and Holymen.

Jeff Bursey has set and triumphed over two difficult  challenges: to present a novel about provincial  politics entirely by way of documents (memos, e-mails, and long transcriptions of legislative proceedings) and to make such potentially boring  material entertaining. This hyperrealistic  revelation of how we are governed is both comic and  tragic as the paltriness of office politics and the  minutiae of parliamentary procedure are set against  the unmet needs of the populace, too often reduced  to mere abstractions in the heated and frequently  witty exchanges of their elected representatives. As  one member of the House says, “it’s essential we  look at how we govern ourselves,” and Bursey’s  searching look exposes the polite fictions of  political discourse in an admirably innovative way.
—Steven Moore, American author and literary critic, best known as an authority on the novels of William Gaddis and two-volume study The Novel: An Alternative History.

Release Date: Dec 15 2017.  Available from all booksellers and usual online retailers. ISBN: 978-981-11-5829-2.

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