Utterly Other

Verbivoracious is a not-for-profit nano press inspired primarily by the work of invisible author Christine Brooke-Rose. One of the most innovative writers of the second half of the 20th century, the fiction of Christine Brooke-Rose whimsically challenges form and content using grammatical constraints, multiple languages, and a dicing of genre styles and theoretical discourses, as integral components. Playful, cryptic, puzzling, and unique, Christine Brooke-Rose is among an unfortunate revue of writers whose work is fading out of print and which is rarely part of critical or academic discussion. The remit of the press is to publish, reprint, and translate fiction in the spirit of writers (mainly but not exclusively European) like Christine Brooke-Rose—more broadly, writers who revel in language, wordplay and distinctively daring approaches to form and content, and whose work is too awkward and unclassifiable for even the most avant of avant-garde publishers. As from 2014, Verbivoracious will be publishing the Verbivoracious Festschrift (creative and critical responses to the works of specific writers), commencing with an issue focused on Christine Brooke-Rose.