Three Novels — Rosalyn Drexler

Rosalyn DrexlerRosalyn Drexler embarked upon a vibrant career as a pop artist, playwright, screenwriter, pseudonymous author, short-lived Mexican wrestler, and a writer of surreal, satirical, and beguiling comedic fictions, three of which are collected in this volume. Highly regarded by Norman Mailer, Gloria Steinem, Stanley Elkin, and Donald Barthelme, Drexler’s short fragmented novels have faded into relative obscurity alongside numerous postmodern or “avant-pop” writers, deserving of a fresh audience and to be read for their brilliant comedic energy and sharp satirical eye. I am the Beautiful Stranger is a bold novel of teenage sexuality, familial dysfunction, and knotty self-awakening; One or Another the darkly comic tale of collapsing marriage, infidelity, and racial unrest; and The Cosmopolitan Girl explores the unlikely romance between a style-obsessed woman and her talking dog. These three novels represent Drexler’s exuberant and thoughtful prose style at its finest.

Rosalyn cites the following authors and individual works as among her formative influences: Nathanael West—Miss Lonelyhearts, The Dream Life of Balso Snell, A Cool Millions, The Day of the Locust; Franz Kafka—Complete Stories; Machado De Assis—Dom Casmurro; Terry Southern—The Magic Christian; Eugéne Ionesco; Honore de Balzac—Droll Tales; Maxim Gorky—My Childhood; S.J. Perelman; William Saroyan; Colette—Cheri and The Last of Cheri; Jack London—Call of the Wild, White Fang; Lewis Carroll; Nikolai Gogol—Collected Stories; Italo Svevo—As a Man Grows Older; Charles Dickens; Mark Twain; D.H. Lawrence; Mary Chesnut—A Diary From Dixie; Stanley Elkin; Edmund Wilson—The Twenties; Mikhail Sholokhov—Quiet Flows the Don; Camilo Jose Cela—Mrs. Caldwell Speaks to Her Son.

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