The Sycamore Tree – Christine Brooke-Rose

SYCAcover1 - CopyChristine Brooke-Rose is a moralist . . . exceedingly acute on the moral and psychological consequence of adultery—a subject explored to some purpose in her first novel . . . The Sycamore Tree continues the earlier conflict between academic saintliness and the Mammon of the literary racket:  a splendid swipe at her go-getting cultural profiteers . . . a most devastating picture of cosy spiritual smugness among the elite.”

PETER GREEN, Daily Telegraph

“ . . . alarmingly accomplished.”


“Every one of her books “performs” a life both mentally and physically conscious of its own formal transitoriness—even the most conventional of her earliest works, The Sycamore Tree, a novel already straining at the leash to be something more than itself . . . It is as if the cool formalism of her contemporary Muriel Spark had come to life in the physical world, fully hot-blooded and breathing rather too sensually.”

ALI SMITH, Times Literary Supplement

Nina is happily married to Gael, until his recently published book rouses the ire of a not-quite-there critic, Howard, intent on becoming the mover and shaker of London’s literary circles. Howard seduces Nina, while Howard’s wife Elizabeth becomes involved with an Hungarian exile, who befriends and is befriended by Gael, leading to an utterly unexpected and tragic outcome for all. Christine Brooke-Rose’s second novel is a waspish satire of the ‘50s London literary scene, and a story of madness and ill-fated lust—an entertaining novel from her early quartet of realist-mode tragicomedies. Read an excerpt.

Released August 8 2014. Available from all respectable online retailers.

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