The Exagggerations of Peter Prince — Steve Katz

EPP_140_Mustard_3The Exagggerations of Peter Prince is an adventure for the reader and for the hero. It is a knot of energies, not an inert impress of letters and images on paper. Katz’s novel novel—though there were hints and intimations, pages of plagiarism-by-anticipation as far back as Sterne, a scattering of models both to keep in mind and to ruthlessly banish, that had come before—was something entirely new, a rearticulation of the Form of the Novel to provide a channel for new ideas arising from new views, new needs, and new crises. It is a sublime, endlessly inventive metafictional classic that will open you to new ways of not just reading, but of looking at things around—and within—you. And your experience of this perspectival retrofitting will feel as relaxed and sunny as a game of catch with the regular guy from up the block—right up to the point where it wrenches your heart almost out of your breast.

“What Katz has done is open up another dimension of communication within the closed idea of what constitutes the novel. The book . . . shakes off the past like a heavy dull stone . . . and gives hope to fiction . . .” — Seymour Krim


Release Date: March 15 2017.  Available from all booksellers and usual online retailers. ISBN: 978-981-11-2497-6.

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