Annual paid-for subscriptions of GBP19.99 are available by REGISTERING AND SUBSCRIBING via the Verbivoracious Press website.

Subscriptions provide access to all ebooks produced during the year.  Repeat subscribers receive one thank-you gift of a paperback of the subscriber’s choice published in the first year of subscription, and thereafter for each annual subscription renewal, one gifted paperback published from the previous year.  Eventually we might throw in a bamboo/cotton T-shirt with some kind of we-wish-it-weren’t-true quip printed on it such as “Life Is A Satire When It’s Not A Soap Opera“, but for now our merchandising is book focused.

Ebooks are available as PDFs to read online and cannot be downloaded or printed.  While we recognise the legitimate use of digital formats and bona fide customers, we are, unfortunately, vulnerable to illegitimate use.  Currently, in order to provide an ebook facility which seeks to prevent unauthorised use and distribution of digital files, we have adopted a model based on a library rental system (and were we to receive state funding for providing a service, subscriptions would be free).  In effect, subscribers can access as often and for as long, during logged in sessions, all digital files (ebooks) for a period of twelve months (the length of the subscription duration).  However, these files can be neither downloaded nor printed.  Our focus is to make out-of-print and significant literature available, but we do bear fixed costs to do so, and thus request that customers who wish to take advantage of newer technologies accept our limited capacity to cover these costs by accepting also that a subscription grants access to the provision but not ownership of digital files.

Subscriptions are neither refundable, nor transferable, nor available for shared accounts ie it is expected that one subscription equals one user.  If multiple users are detected on one subscription, the subscription is automatically cancelled and the user blocked.  We hope that the value of our efforts to bring forgotten literature back to the light of day would be appreciated rather than exploited.

Please read a very long and convoluted (but, we are assured, plain English) page on our Terms & Conditions which the user accepts by becoming a member and, if so desired, purchasing an annual subscription.  This includes, but is not limited to, scenarios like a bomb blasting the building where the servers which host our files are located and a user no longer being able to access a desperately sought ebook NOT having any right to sue us for the lack of daily reading material (if you lose your paperback we can’t be sued either)  nor can we be taken to the cleaners and washed (of dirt, since we don’t have dosh) for a breakdown of internet connectivity between your device and whichever service provider you use, or if your auntie decides to run amok after reading an Author Interview and breaks an heirloom vase we politely but firmly decline to accept responsibility.

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