Novel Submissions:

A good idea to gain an insight to the type of work for which we are looking, what we want to support, is to read the Festschrift as well as peruse our “syllabus”. If you would like to submit a piece not intended for the Festschrift, we ask for the following:

1) 400 word statement of aesthetics;
2) 100 word synopsis including title and word count of the piece;
3) 1500 words (from any part of the entire work to be considered for submission).

All submitted material is to be formatted using Arial font face, font size 12, double-spacing, 0.25mm first line indents, pasted in the body of an email. Submissions relying on unusual typography should submit the text formatted as per our requirements. After review, if we wish to see the typography, we will request a PDF file. Ditto any submissions using graphics. We only accept electronic submissions with the email subject header ‘SUBMISSION’ + ‘TITLE’ + ‘WRITER NAME’; this prevents spam and ensures an automatic receipt notification is sent to each writer. Any emails with attachments are automatically ditched, unless the attachment has been requested prior. Please email your submission to editor(at)verbivoraciouspress(dot)org.

We do not provide feedback on rejected submissions, but we do personalise our rejections, as per the following example:

Dear Writer Name,

Thank you for considering us. We read your submission. Unfortunately it didn’t fit our requirements (we’re as disappointed as you are about this) and we suggest you have a look at some of our published material to gain a better understanding of what we want/re-submit using a different constraint with the same topic/go to writing school/keep your day job.

Thanks and all the best

This assumes that submissions have correctly followed submission criteria – in the event of the writer not receiving an automatic receipt notification, at the very least the email subject header was incorrect, and we haven’t read the submission because it was black-holed in the spam folder. If submissions stray from our formatting preferences, we’ve probably strayed from prioritising reading of those submissions.

Accepted submissions attract responses ranging from Niagara Falls gush to curt confirmation, depending on a variety of factors, including the moon, the appearance of a wart on a big toe, and available typing time.

We are not currently accepting poetry, plays or film scripts, although if someone wins the lottery and donates the proceeds to Verbivoracious Press, we might consider these.