Go When You See the Green Man Walking – Christine Brooke-Rose

Go When You See the Green Man WalkingFirst published in 1970, this collection of eleven stories showcases Brooke-Rose’s innovative credentials at their zenith. ‘The Foot’ and the ‘The Religious Button’ deploy to stunning effect her unique evolution of the run-on first person camera-eye narrative style as pioneered by Robbe-Grillet in the nouveau roman movement; ‘Small Loser and Medium Winner’ is a multilingual mix of allusions and discourses in the style of her 1968 novel Between; while ‘Troglodyte’ and ‘The Chinese Bedspread’ offer a more straightforward comic and realist approach. Go When You See the Green Man Walking is a dark, challenging, often science-fictional, frequently droll and sublimely erudite selection of stories from one of the unsung heroes of exploratory fiction. With an introduction by Joanna Walsh.

Release Date: October 6, 2014.  Available from all booksellers and usual online retailers. ISBN: 9789810921675.

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