Volume One: Christine Brooke-Rose

festi oneThe flagship issue fêtes Christine Brooke-Rose, one of the most innovative voices of the twentieth century, whose fiction plays challenging games with form and structure, using grammatical constraints, multiple languages, and a dicing of genre styles and theoretical discourses as an integral component of her novels.  This 320-page issue contains creative and critical responses to her fiction, theory, and criticism, written with an eye to the general literary reader unfamiliar with her output, but with enough homage, parody, imitation, and analysis to excite her devoted fan base.

Release Date: March 21st, 2014.  Available from all booksellers and usual online retailers. Hardcover ISBN: 9789810794064. Paperback ISBN: 9789810794071. 320pp.

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Table of Contributions:

David Auerbach — Christine Brooke-Rose and the Liberty of Literature
Silvia Barlaam — Thru My Words
Scott Beauchamp — Reading the Horoscope After Reading Christine
Joanne Blair-Hayley — Three Recovered Manuscript Excerpts
Chretine Broke-Prose — The Logαλφαgeis of kLeubʰ: /la:f/; /lʌv/
Gianni Dane — Terpsichori
Joseph Andrew Darlington — Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christine Brooke-Rose’s Distant Relatives (But Were Too Poststructuralist to Ask)
Editor — The (lack of)di-facile-facere=>do/schwer/sweer/serio in the Work of Christine Brooke-Rose
Natalie Ferris — Christine Brooke-Rose Paris
G.N. Forester — In the Labyrinth, translated by Christine Brooke-Rose: A Review
Nathan Gaddis — Prayer for the BURIED
Gottfried Gottlieb — Mein Gott!
Françoise Gramet (with G.N. Forester and Wee Teck Lim) — Translation, Pastiche & Things
Adam Guy — Brooke-Rose, Lastness
D. Lecter — Postscript: What Tess Would Have Said
Wee Teck Lim — Landscapes of My Childhood
Nadine Mainard — Le Diner
Ali Millar — Talking to Mirrors
Jonathan Morton — The Origin of Myth / Subscript
M.J. Nicholls — Reset
Jean-Michel Rabaté — An Introduction
Emily Rhodes — A Long Way from San Francisco
S.D. Stewart — Walking a Disappearing Line: Christine Brooke-Rose’s Treatment of Language Ambiguity in Xorandor
Nicolas Tredell — (W)rite of Passage
Igo Wodan — Versions

Christine Brooke-Rose:

An Interview with Maria del Sapio Garbero
Gold: A Poem
Selected Poems
Selected Spectator Pieces
Selected Essays