Verbivoracious Press publishes a triannual festschrift celebrating the work of lesser-known writers.

A festschrift is defined variously, and commonly, as “a collection of writings published in honour of a scholar.” The Verbivoracious festschriften are published in honour of exceptional writers who remain unfêted in the fickle and forgetful field of letters, where names are made and unmade from book to book. Our festschrifts are comprised of original fiction, poetry, and non-fiction from solicited and unsolicited contributors. We also endeavour to include rare, unseen, or exemplary material from each author being schrifted—in our first issue, we have republished early poems, several key essays, two short stories, and a rare verse poem (and first publication) from Christine Brooke-Rose. We aim to collaborate with the living authors being fested or have support from author estates to raise awareness of our chosen authors and help their readership to increase by tens, or even dozens. Our motive is to promote authors who have made an exceptional contribution to literature and whose eclecticism or difficulty has led to their exclusion from the label-saturated realm of academia and branding. Further issues under discussion: Rikki Ducornet, Raymond Federman, The Oulipo.

Volume One: Christine Brooke-Rose

Volume Two: Gilbert Adair

Volume Three: The Syllabus

Volume Four: Rikki Ducornet

Volume Five: Raymond Federman

Volume Six: The Oulipo