New Fiction

Mirrors on which dust has fallenMirrors on which dust has fallen – Jeff Bursey (June 1, 2015. 9789810954376). Set against a backdrop of public scandal and private dilemma, Mirrors on which dust has fallen presents the quotidian concerns of the average and the not-so-average inhabitants of the fictitious Bowmount, the province featured in Bursey’s precursor Verbatim: A Novel. The varied cast of characters examine and defend their spiritual beliefs, from God to evolution; their views on art, as painting battles photography for supremacy; and their sexuality, from confusion to pagan flagrancy. While Verbatim depicts the politics of the elected, Mirrors on which dust has fallen reveals the motives of the electorate, using pitch-perfect dialogue interjected with sly media snippets and elegant, subtle prose, to paint a darkly humorous and deeply telling tale of the late twentieth century in Canada.  Introduction by Christopher WunderLee.

Balzacs_coffeeBalzac’s Coffee, DaVinci’s Ristorante – Mark Axelrod (May 15, 2017. 9789811109713). In Mark Axelrod’s new novel, marketplace crudity and the immortal artist intersect in a riotous and outrageous fashion. Discover the chain of restaurants run by Flaubert’s researchers Bouvard and Pecuchet; how an iconic fragrance arose from the erectile dysfunction of J.S. Bach; where Octave Mirabeau consummated his masterpiece L’Erotic Biblion; General Pinochet and Borges’s contretemps involving olive oil; Faulkner’s stint tinkering with lawnmowers; Musil’s muesli; and other secret histories. A companion to Axelrod’s Borges’s Travel, Hemingway’s Garage(FC2), this novel is an hilarious parody of literary trivia, a light-hearted satire on the commoditisation of art, and an irresistible, imaginative fancy.